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Jennifer Whetzel


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About Jennifer

Jennifer Whetzel is a branding expert, community builder, and dynamic voice for inclusion and diversity. 


After more than 25 years working in advertising, branding, marketing and research, Jennifer is focused on demystifying the branding process through archetypal storytelling rooted in data

In 2018, she founded Ladyjane Branding to help make branding accessible for entrepreneurs and startups using a suite of data-driven proprietary tools – providing unparalleled industry, brand and people intelligence. 

Ladyjane’s custom Archetypes, Brand Archetype Quiz, proprietary Brand Inspiration Model and revolutionary Multiple-choice Brand Identity Builder help companies develop unique brands that lead to deep emotional connections with customers. 

Jennifer spends her spare time reading, collecting treasures, creating art, and building trails on 40 acres of Maine woods.

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