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If the rules are not broken, we will be.

Yoko Ono



Advocacy & Purpose


Rebellious & Intense

Tone of Voice

Provocative & Persuasive

Passion is power. Activist Brands know this well, and they'll use intense, earnest language to energize the masses and bring more allies to their cause. Everyone is looking for purpose; Activist Brands help their audiences find it.

Activist brands are about something greater than their own organizations. They're part of a bigger social movement. They're active players in causes they share with their customers. In the world of cannabis, that cause may be legal or social in nature—or it may involve trying to improve some key aspect of the cannabis industry.

Your customers feel connected to you. Some are seekers, others are itching to make change, just like you. Finding common ground based on your business is the way to build your activist brand. If you have a cause to carry, others will fall into step. Another approach is to tap into the cause your customers care about and help them network and connect with others. They want to be part of something bigger, and your brand can help them find that.

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