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Best Friend

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.

Hubert H. Humphrey

Best Friend


Belonging & Transparency


Sweet & Friendly

Tone of Voice

Inspirational & Sassy

An ally. A constant companion. A partner who will always have your back. These are the hallmarks of the humble and sweet Best Friend Brand. Best Friend Brands are social connectors who want to bring people together and champion the “little guy” above all else. These brands are passionate about cultivating trust—trust that is repaid in kind by loyal customers.

These brands pride themselves on their passionate loyalty to their customers. Everything they do ensures customers are welcomed like they are part of the family.

Your customers are looking for connection and are responsive to your laid-back approach. Feeling valued is most important to them, and your kind words and encouragement will go a long way, as will your efforts at inclusion. Best Friend customers are tired of corporate blindness and want a brand that will relate to them. Honesty and appreciation are their sustenance. They aren’t looking to join, they’re looking to connect.

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