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Illness is the doctor to whom we pay most heed; to kindness, to knowledge, we make promises only; pain we obey.

Marcel Proust



Health & Wellness


Clinical & Trustworthy

Tone of Voice

Factual & Impartial

Cannabis is full of potential when it comes to medicine, and Doctor Brands will be the first ones to tell you all about them. These brands are on the cutting-edge of research and are armed with reliable facts and figures that make the medical case for cannabis. The analytical nature of the Doctor Brand provides clarity and comfort to patients—and fuels new possibilities for treatment.

Naturally, "bedside manner" is a make-or-break element in creating a successful Doctor brand. Your materials and copy should look and sound sensitive, trustworthy, and rock-solid.

You love to talk – rationally and logically – about the science behind certain phenomena. You’re always ready to pull out facts and figures to support your position, because you’ve done the research. You’re seen as somewhat of an “authority figure”, sticking with proper terminology, and fact-driven, measured information, especially when it comes to helping the human mind and body.

The science behind things gets you going, and you excitedly talk about new medical innovations, being sure to always refer back to the research you’ve come to rely on.

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