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Eternal Child

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.

Walt Disney

Eternal Child


Togetherness & Innocence


Youthful & Cheerful

Tone of Voice

Campy & Whimsical

Eternal Child brands are a welcoming and refreshing source of wonder and delight, providing relief from the mundane or routine aspects of grown-up life. They promise to lighten the mood and inspire joy in the lives of others.

Think of the whimsical Willy Wonka opening the gates of his wondrous world to wide-eyed children. Eternal Child brands invite their customers to come play—with the brand, with other customers, and even the world—with the promise of a fun-filled escape!

Your customer shares your optimism and joie-de-vivre. They want a counterpoint to the complicated responsibilities that govern our lives. The Eternal Child maintains some transience in life – they don’t want to commit, they want to have fun! Their loyalty depends on your efforts to liberate them from obligation and nurture their blithe spirit. The Eternal Child customer wants to secure the magic that will keep them young in mind, body, and spirit. Your customers want to be knowledgeable and nourished by the health benefits of cannabis. There are many opportunities in the cannabis industry where you canalso provide the diversions and recreation that keep the Eternal Child entertained.

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