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Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Autonomy & Independence


Daring & Worldly

Tone of Voice

Energetic & Outgoing

Do you know what’s out there? If you’re an Explorer Brand, you’re dying to find out. More importantly, you’re excited to tell everyone about what you’ve discovered. Consumers love your adventurous spirit and interest in understanding the world. Share the trip with them, and they’ll follow you anywhere.

Explorers are hyper-inquisitive, with boundless stores of energy. They need it to stretch the boundaries of what's humanly possible. Fearless and resourceful, in the cannabis space, Explorer brands can be found taking plants, products and properties into whole new realms.

Your customers are also restless with the ordinary. They know different perspectives and experiences inspire growth, and they are looking for kindred spirits who are ready to explore the exotic and escape the everyday grind. They are not bound by loyalty but by love for adventure. They look to you to help them make a connection beyond their own constraints and as part of their own journey. Beyond your fellow pioneers, however, you have another audience: those who live vicariously through you. They want to hear about your ventures and see photos of the trip. These customers can help excite a tremendous virtual following.

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