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What I stand for is what I stand on.

Wendell Berry



Purity & Sustainability


Hospitable & Hardworking

Tone of Voice

Welcoming & Respectful

If your brand aims to cultivate a gentler, more sustainable world, you may find a lot of common ground with the Farmer Archetype. The Farmer's quiet assurance, harmony with nature, and commitment to the environment nourishes both the consumer's soul and the world we all share.

These brands are all about purity, sustainability, and honest value. At the same time, Farmer brands are careful stewards of the earth and the environment. Emphasizing these eternal values—and our common connection to the earth—helps cannabis consumers feel good about doing business with Farmer brands, participating in a kinder, gentler type of commerce with a conscience.

Your customers look to you for expertise and balance. They want to learn more about the science of cannabis and the variability of growing conditions, but need the information divulged in small increments They trust you and count on you to help them be more closely connected to the earth and sustainability.

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