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Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl



Mystery & Possibility


Inventive & Charismatic

Tone of Voice

Witty & Philosophical

Magician Brands know nothing captures people's attention quite like a bit of mystery. Heightened, even mystical language and big reveals will keep consumers' attention rapt as they wait for your next trick. Bring a sense of showmanship when talking to your audience, and prepare them to be amazed.

Magician brands seem to know what we need before we do. Their philosophical approach to life is witty, insightful and maybe a little unsettling. Magicians hold the promise of both wisdom/secrets and protection.

You are a bit mysterious, always hiding your full intentions, and then amazing people with your breadth of knowledge and flair for style. You play your hand close to your chest and play each card with dramatic flourish.

You’re attracted to brands with secret product formulations backed by deep cannabis knowledge. These are the brands that seem to know what you need before you do. When you find a brand you believe in, you’re always willing to pass on the magic to your inner circle.

Magicians are keepers of wisdom and protectors of secrets. Others look to you for help and inspiration.

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