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Rock Star

When you walk up to opportunity’s door, don’t knock on it, kick that b*tch in, smile and introduce yourself.

Dwayne Johnson

Rock Star


Persistence & Practice


Stylish & Flamboyant

Tone of Voice

Entertaining & Flashy

Raw talent is the superpower of Rock Star brands. You're ready to step into the spotlight at any moment, looking phenomenal. You are good (probably the best) at what you do—and everyone can easily see it.

Customers of Rock Star brands know all the words, gladly pay for front-row seats and proudly wear your tagline on their tee shirts and the bumpers of their cars—excited to claim their association with you because you are the best at what you do.

You have built-in creativity, artistic sensibility, and unique style, and don’t mind having people recognize you for it. You love the spotlight, and are ready to step into it at any moment, looking phenomenal of course.

Dedicated to becoming a top performer, you strive for universal fame – the kind that fills arenas with screaming fans and turns a swoosh logo into a global emblem of persistence and empowerment. Your ability, originality, and dedication shines through in the messages you spread.

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