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The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper and reimagines the world.

Malcolm Gladwell



Technology & Innovation


Enthusiastic & Geeky

Tone of Voice

Scientific & Detailed

Scientist Brand Archetypes are marvels of industriousness and innovation, using their geeky brainpower to redefine the status quo.

Scientist brands can speak boldly, because their excellence in delivery backs them up. Clever and confident messages surround the new solutions they're unveiling every day. And because they're always innovating, they're comfortable using technical or scientific language to address their "early adopter" fan-base and reassure them that it's safe to get out in front.

Carrying a sixth sense about tomorrow’s tastes and trends characterizes you to your peer group; they turn to you for “the next can’t-live-without-phenomenon” because they know you’re in-the-know way before the rest of them.

At a social gathering, you’d be the cool, chic one wearing the latest smart watches and talking on the coolest phones, ready to talk about the new technologies at the drop of a hat. You optimize your time, health, and wealth by using every productivity optimizer, engaging in the best workouts, and intentionally dedicate time to your curiosities about “what’s next” and forward-thinking.

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