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Whoever laughs last is probably the most stoned.




Presence & Laughter


Relaxed & Silly

Tone of Voice

Casual & Entertaining

Just chill, man; it's good for business. By embracing a carefree nature, Stoner Brands attract customers who are looking to let loose, giggle, and enjoy what life has to offer. By offering a respite from the daily grind, Stoner Brands ensure that they'll be a customer's oasis—and a go-to companion for a good time.

A Stoner brand can be the life of the party—with or without being aware of it. That's because, like the chillest Zen master, a Stoner brand fully embraces its effortless identity, never appearing to get bogged down in the "square" concerns of corporate entities. They may take their business seriously—but never themselves.

Not every stoner is a zoned out grunge. You've known forever that stoners enjoy good weed but have many interests and talents. They are often private, stay-at-home folks who act out creativity in their everyday lives. Stoners enjoy the fun aspects of cannabis and like to share that enjoyment with others. You can be the life of the party or the introspective hermit. You often wow their friends with the best in the market and your sprinkles of profound thinking. Stoners have cred when it comes to quality of weed and its effects.

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